Groby’s Heritage – List It or Lose It

The Groby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are compiling a list of local heritage assets and we need your help.

Local heritage assets are buildings and features of local historical or architectural importance that merit protection due to their contribution to local character and distinctiveness but do not meet the criteria to be statutorily listed. Heritage is not just about settlement, it includes farming – old hedges and slate walls for example. Examples of local heritage assets in Groby might be Victoria Cottages and the Groby Mineral Line.

Please send us your own list of local heritage. Make sure you accurately identify the location and perhaps include a photograph. Tell us why you think the building or feature is of interest.

Once adopted in the neighbourhood plan, the list of local heritage assets will inform decision making on planning applications affecting such local assets.

Submit your answers online

Alternatively, you can submit your answers by post to: Groby Council Offices, Village Hall, Groby, Leicester LE6 0DQ using the reference “Local Heritage” at the top of your letter.

Send your submissions by 31 July 2021 and we will publish some of the results in August 2021.

Help Shape the Future of Groby Parish

To find out more and see how you can help, visit us online at or write to Groby Council Offices, Village Hall, Groby, Leicester LE6 0DQ or call 0116 287 6985 for further information.