Join our working groups

Having assembled a core group of volunteers with much of the knowledge and skills needed to drive development of the neighbourhood plan, we are now in the process of establishing working groups that will focus on some of the themes of the plan. We are now seeking volunteers with special interest in these themes to join the groups led by members of the steering committee.

Groby Parish Council have applied to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) to designate the whole extent of Groby Parish as the neighbourhood area to be covered by the plan. By the time you read this, the public consultation on area designation will have closed. Official determination by HBBC could take up to mid-April 2021.

The steering committee and working groups are not permitted to engage extensively with Groby Community to seek new evidence and opinion (through meetings and questionnaires for example) until the neighbourhood area has been determined. However, work has already begun on existing evidence – reviewing planning reports, collecting local knowledge, inventorying open spaces etc.

The steering committee has established two initial working groups, the Historical Environment Working Group, and the Natural Environment Working Group.

Historical Environment Working Group

The scope of work of the Historical Environment Working Group is likely to include Groby Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan, Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Heritage at Risk, the Historic Environment Record, Local Heritage Assets, and Ridge and Furrow earthworks. Indeed, there is a current HBBC initiative to compile local heritage lists with a view to protecting that heritage.

Natural Environment Working Group

The scope of work of the Natural Environment Working Group is likely to include The National Forest; Charnwood Forest Regional Park; Green Infrastructure; Sites of Specific Scientific Interest; Ancient Woodlands; Local Wildlife Sites; Open Space, Play, and Recreation; Climate Change; Renewable Energy; and Flood Risk.

Help Shape the Future of Groby Parish

We are seeking additional volunteers to help with this important work which may shape the future of Groby Parish for many years – can you help? If you feel you may be interested, please get in touch using the contact details below to start an informal, no commitment discussion.

Anyone interested to contribute should get in touch by email to or through the Groby Council Offices, Village Hall, Groby, Leicester LE6 0DQ tel. 0116 287 6985. Please indicate which of the Working Groups you are interested to join.