Make your voice heard!

The Groby Parish Neighbourhood Plan will help to protect nature, preserve history, and steer the future development of everything from your route to work to where new homes will be built. The plan will guide where you can park; the bus routes, footpaths, and cycleways you use; where your children will go to school and play; your allotment; and the shops you use.

As a “community-led” initiative, the plan will be researched, written, and voted on by the people of Groby – that’s you, your family and your neighbours!

Now is your chance to have your say!

Thanks to the support of the people of Groby, the full extent of Groby Parish has now been determined by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council as the “neighbourhood area”. This means the development of the Neighbourhood Plan itself can finally begin by giving everyone the chance to express their views – starting with three simple questions:

Q1.​What do you think is good about Groby Parish?
Q2.​What do you think is bad about Groby Parish?
Q3.​What changes would you like to see in Groby Parish?

Take the survey online

Alternatively, you can submit your answers by post to: Groby Council Offices, Village Hall, Groby, Leicester LE6 0DQ using the reference “Have your say” at the top of your letter.

Your answers will be published in Autumn 2021 and help guide the development of the Neighbourhood Plan scheduled for completion by Autumn 2023.

Community Engagement

Beyond this first step, the process of community engagement will be continuous – adapting and evolving as the plan develops over four main stages:

Stage 1 – will run for six months and will be creative and open. The Neighbourhood Plan is a blank sheet, and we would like to begin to identify the themes most important to people in the parish.

Stage 2 – will also run for six months and will centre on special interest group workshops exploring some of the themes identified in stage one.

Stage 3 – will be parish-wide questionnaires identifying views on issues faced by the parish, again taking place over a period of six months.

Stage 4 – will be a formal six-week consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

What can the neighbourhood plan achieve?

Once developed and agreed by the people of Groby, the Neighbourhood Plan will be used to guide and support planning decisions for those areas of development identified in the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s Local Plan.

It will provide policies and guidance on how new development should be designed, orientated, and located with local planning authorities and inspectors being required by law to make their decisions using the policies set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Help Shape the Future of Groby Parish

To find out more and see how you can help, visit us online at or write to Groby Council Offices, Village Hall, Groby, Leicester LE6 0DQ or call 0116 287 6985 for further information.