Burglary on Lychgate Lane

We have suffered a residential burglary on Lychgate Lane sometime between 17:00 and 20:00 on Friday 2nd July.

If you saw anything suspicious in the area around this time then please get in touch. You can either Email me or click on reply at the bottom of this Email.

Pease review you CCTV/Doorbell footage for anyone door knocking or suspicious vehicles in the area. Basically anything you may have felt was a bit odd.

Please remember to try and make your property look like somebody is in if you are out or going away. See if a neighbour can park on your drive, consider light timers, window alarms, cactus spikes and home alarms.

Opportunistic criminals will look for easy targets and mainly target empty homes. Cash and Jewellery are typical items taken so please hide them away or remove them, especially sentimental items. Criminals will know were to look.

Thank you.