Cannabis Grow and update on what is happening on the beat (Leicestershire Police)

Good morning Barwell and Earl Shilton.For the past couple of months members of your beat team kept getting a rather strong smell of cannabis in one particular area on the beat.After requesting a drone to do a flyover with thermal imaging at the location we believed there was a potential grow, the results came back negative.However…Following a public order/criminal damage offence on the evening 5th April, officers received information that resulted in a section 18 on an address. (Section 18: Where the person is in police detention at a police station and the police decide to search their premises). The address being within a close proximity where officers had suspicions. Officers searched the property and found thirty good sized cannabis plants with an estimated value in the high thousands region. The plants and equipment were seized and took to Leicestershire Police Head Quarters to be destroyed.We are continuing foot patrols around hot spots for Anti Social Behaviour. With it now being the Easter School holidays we are expecting a spike in ASB. If you have children who like to go out and hang out with friends please make sure they keep themselves safe and to avoid getting involved in anything they know they shouldn’t. Officers on the beat as well as response officers are now becoming familiar with a few faces… not for the right reasons!We hope you have a pleasant and safe Easter Holidays!Kind regardsYour Beat Team