In other news (Leicestershire Police)

In other news…Your beat team over the past few shifts have been very active out on the beat. You may have spotted us out and about walking around Barwell and Earl Shilton engaging with members of the public. We have been gathering intel on potential issues surrounding drugs and carrying out a lot of patrols around park areas during the evenings. Although you may not see us all the time, we are not always in plain sight as we sometimes are on the beat in unmarked vehicles.Your beat team have been and engaged with the next generation at Heath Lane Academy and spoken with youths as a friendly reminder that we are keeping a close eye out on ASB in local parks and hotspots for youths to ‘hang out’.The beat team have also been and engaged with Barwell Beavers and will soon be attending Earl Shilton Beavers. Kind regards.Beat team