Burglary Attempt Van Break Vehicle Theft and Phone Scam You WON


A few incidents in Burbage to report over recent days.

Residential burglary on Rugby Road. The Incident has occurred sometime between 4th and 9th of September. Currently unknown if/what has been taken but entrance was gained via damage to the back door. The resident was not present during the incident. Please ensure your property looks occupied if you go away. Remove jewellery and cash. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep a look out, remove post, close/open curtains, park on your drive, put lights on/off and open/close curtains. Crime number 21000524796

Car window found smashed on East Close on 6th September at 16:50. Nothing taken.

Attempt break to a van near Lutterworth Road at around 15:00 on 7th September. Luckily the driver noticed the activity and the suspect left the scene. Please ensure nothing is left in your vehicle and it is always locked and secured. Do not leave anything on display as this may be a temptation for criminals (bags, shopping bags, coats), unlike the below picture of a bag left in vehicle. This would be ideal for a criminal who would not think twice of putting the window through.

  PLEASE don’t leave items in vehicles.

Driver stopped on Sapcote Road following officers observing a vehicle driving dangerously. The driver was subsequently arrested for driving whilst over the prescribed limit of alcohol.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport stolen from the Co-op area of Rugby road on 9th September 2021 around 12:00 – 12:06. This appears to be a keyless entry. Please get in touch if you have any information that would support the investigation and have not already spoken to officers. Crime number 21000524240.

I have some RFID car key wallets at the office (sold at cost £2 prevents the code from being transferred of your key). Drop me an email if you want any. Darren.stretton@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk . We also have a small supply of VRM anti-theft screws (free) if you would like a pack.

Scam phone call. You have WON

An elderly resident has been in touch to explain they received a phone call at around 20:30. The caller stated the residents wife had won a large sum of money. The residents wife had unfortunately previously passed away which made the call extremely upsetting and disgusting.

The caller asked for the residents bank details and became angry when the resident thankfully refused. Please just hang up on these types of scams and don’t give them your time. You can vist ActionFraud for more support and information around scams. https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ 

Thank you and take care.

Darren 6035

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