Theft of mopeds and motorcycles – Charnwood (Leicestershire Police)

Good afternoon,

Across Charnwood we have seen an increase in the theft of mopeds and motorcycles over the last fortnight. These crimes seem to occur mostly during the evening/overnight.

We do what we can to investigate these incidents and patrol the areas where the crimes occur but please secure your motorcycles / mopeds with appropriate locks or chains and if you have a family member who owns such a vehicle please pass this message on to them because prevention and making the item difficult to steal is a better start point.

Our teams across Charnwood are continuing to deal with anti-social behaviour at a couple of locations across the borough and i am pleased to update that a number of arrests and indeed acceptable behaviour contracts have been signed up following perpetrators being identified.

We remain committed to dealing with burglary and vehicle crime and thank you for your support and intelligence reports around this.

Stay safe

Sgt Chris Wharton
Charnwood NPA