Stolen Pots Litter Picking Emergency Contact and Patrols

Not too much to report over recent days which is good, but here are a few bits to keep you updated. 

There has been a report of a theft of 3 large plant pots from Windsor Street on Thursday 29th July at around 21:52. A silver Golf may be a vehicle of interest so if you have any CCTV on Church Street, Lutterworth Road, Coventry Road and Windsor Street area, please could you take a look from around 21:30-22:00. A registration plate would be amazing. Please drop me an Email to

We have been out patrolling areas and supporting with crime prevention. This includes speaking to residents and leaflet drops around vehicle crime, residential burglary and garden crime. Interesting what you see when out and about, golf clubs in vehicles, keys and bags in vehicles and keys left in doors. Door knocks completed to inform residents.

A lot of the crime we have had over recent weeks/months has been opportunistic so please continue to make it difficult for criminals and just double check you are locked and secure and have not left anything lying about.

Message from Hinckley Running Club Wombles (litter picking in Burbage, resident message)

“Hi, Hinckley Running club (HRC) Wombles was started last year before the Covid outbreak. As a group we were fed up of seeing lots of litter whilst out on our regular runs, so the group HRC Wombles began, since then we have collected over 230 bin bags of rubbish from Burbage, Hinckley and neighbouring villages. If anyone would like to become a volunteer and help pick up litter to not only make our surroundings more attractive but also help the wildlife from being harmed please either email me Liz Aspden-Mansfield or join our HRC wombles page on Facebook. We have been given some equipment from the council but if there is any local business who would be happy to donate any, it would be great fully received. Many thanks, Liz”

Amazon call scam from a 01455 number (resident message)

“I’ve received a call today claiming to be from Amazon Security asking if I’d made a purchase for several hundred pounds. I couldn’t distinguish everything that the foreign male voice said but the background noise was a very busy call centre noise. 
The disturbing thing was that the number that came up on my phone was a local 01455 number. I called the number back (after I told them it was a scam & to go away) & it is definitely a residential number & a lady answered. She was obviously confused by my call & the background was totally silent so definitely not her! 

I’ve no idea how these scammers are doing it but it’s not nice if this person gets several people calling her up questioning why she’s calling claiming to be Amazon.”

Following last week’s message around ICE, the emergency contact on mobile phones.

Several residents got in touch regarding Apple and Android phones. Thank you to those residents and see the below if you want to put this on your device. It may come in handy if you lose your phone or need medical help.


“Further to putting emergency contacts on a phone: with the iPhone, you can set up your emergency details to be available even when the phone is locked. This can be set up the Health app. To view any stored info from the locked front page of someone’s phone, swipe up from the bottom, and hit emergency. This allows you to either make a 999 call using the phone (which uses any available network) or hit ‘Medical ID’ to find any stored emergency numbers, next of kin, ongoing conditions or current medications.
This is something everyone should set up on their phone, and also be aware of if they come across anyone needing assistance.”


“Re your message about putting In Case of Emergency (ICE) into your mobile phone, we have Samsung Android phones and have been able to put it onto the front screen under the date and time so it is visible to all and the phone can therefore still be password or pin protected.
Go to: –
Lock Screen
Contact Information – add emergency contact details here.
You can also enter phone numbers of contacts in the ’emergency calls’ button which can be used without unlocking the phone.”

Take care, and see you soon

Darren 6035

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