Fake Notes Newsletter And Good Result Burbage (Leicestershire Police)


Not too much to report over the last few days but take a look at our attached monthly newsletter for a summary of incidents.

Report of two suspicious males on mopeds around the Three Pots area on the 29th May at 23:20. Police attended but no-one found.

Report of potential bogus trader on Brookside on the 31st of May. The “trader” has cold called the resident to state that work needed completing on her roof. Remember to never agree to work at the doorstep. Ask for details, time to think and speak to a friend or relative first. Always get a contract. It’s probably best just not to answer the door if possible. Often, rogue traders will start with a very low price and increase it suddenly and add jobs on. You will feel pressured or scared into paying a lot of money for shoddy, incomplete work or even worse, damage that may have been done by the rogue trader. https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/business-and-consumers/trading-standards/consumers/rogue-traders-or-cold-callers

Thanks to an appeal we made on Neighbourhood Link, we managed to identify a group of youths involved in several incidents of Anti-social Behaviour in Burbage. One of the incidents caused a lot of upset and concern to an elderly resident as well as issues for the wider community over an 11-day period.

After working with local residents, we identified the youths involved, we completed several home visits, issued warning letters and delivered apology letters to the victim from those involved (victims wishes to understand why it happened). I was also joined by some of the youths involved to complete some gardening at one of the targeted properties to show local residents they were sorry for any problems caused.

Local resident. Just before completing some very hard work with youths gardening. 

On this occasion, the victim and local residents were very happy with the outcome but this was all completely avoidable. We hope that we have helped the youths understand what impact their behaviour can have on other people. Most of the parents have been extremely supportive so a big thank you to them and having spoken to the youths, I am sure they have reflected on the incident and are genuinely sorry for the alarm they caused.

These incidents are often caused by a moment of stupidity or hanging around with the wrong crowd. If a youth is in a group involved with Anti-social behaviour, even if not directly causing issues, they will also be addressed. This is where picking your friends wisely is important, especially throughout secondary school and generally a good life rule.  

The message we try to get across is “what if that was your nan, grandad, friend or parent”. We have dealt with lots of youths over the years and when we have an opportunity to deal with this type of behaviour at an early stage, it more often than not works and we never hear from them again (in a good way).

We would also like to say a massive thank you following our crime prevention event yesterday at the Millennium Hall. It was great to see you all and we had some really good conversations despite the random downpours of rain.

 Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews at the Burbage Crime Prevention Event

We had lots of younger and older residents attend which was great to see.  Again, thank you very much for attending and it is really appreciated. If you couldn’t make it but need any crime prevention support, get in touch Darren.stretton@leics.police.uk 

The Hinckley Town Neighbourhood Team would like to make businesses and visitors to Hinckley Town Centre of a recent involving fake twenty pound notes being passed.
The fake twenty pond notes show the serial number of BL20 610057.

The most recent incident occurred at a local retailer in Hinckley on the afternoon of the 31st of May 2022.

Should you come in to possession of one of these notes please contact 101 or report this on line.

Thank you for your time and have a good Bank Holiday long weekend.

Darren 6035

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