Stolen Bicycles Speed Event Scams and Injured Pet


A bit of a longer message today so you might need something to help you get through, but again thank you for the ratings, feedback and positive comments i have heard whilst out and about.

Please get in touch immediately via 101 if you have any information, sightings or see these bicycles for sale anywhere. They were stolen from Hinckley (Burbage residents own them). Please contact us, crime number 21000534265.

In response to community feedback gained via our surveys regarding road safety and speeding (you can fill in a survey via this link if you have concerns) ,we have been out and about to complete a road safety event.

Whilst some may criticize these events, please take on board that only this week in Burbage thanks to a very aware driver, a child avoided potentially serious injuries. All credit to the motorist who was taking care, aware of the potential dangers and possibilities around him. Accidents can happen. As a result all parties were shaken by the incident, but this incident was a split second away from being a lot worse. Here are the results of our activity.

Sapcote Road 190 vehicles monitored in two places. No speeding detected (Excellent, MVAS results will show 2 weeks of 24 hour data)

Coventry Road 106 vehicles monitored. 5 vehicles speeding. Speeds from 36mph – 42mph

Lutterworth Road 107 vehicles monitored. 9 vehicles speeding. Speeds from 36mph – 42mph

We have this week addressed some parking complaints from residents. Areas include Lutterworth Road and Marigold Drive. We are doing what we can to address complaints but please call 101 if you are blocked in and need to get out or are in a position that you are forced to walk on the road.

A resident has got in touch to ask for help. The residents beloved cat was attacked around the Surrey Close/Colts Close area around Saturday 11th September. As a result the cat has had to have its leg amputated. It is believed a dog caused these injuries so if you witnessed this could you get in touch so I can pass the information on to the resident. It has been a very upsetting and costly incident for them. Thank you.

It appears there was an attempt residential break on Craigowan Close sometime on the 8th September. Damage was reported to the front door handle. No access was gained so nothing taken. Please stay mindful and lock doors if you are not about.

We have been out on patrols and completing crime prevention support in areas such as Boyslade Road, Kensington Avenue, Pughes Close, Azalea Drive, The Fairway and Tamarisk Close. If you find a crime prevention leaflet, please take a read of it.

A couple of scams that residents have made me aware of to share with you to raise awareness.

“I just got an email from the ‘NHS’ offering an application for a digital passport for Covid. In it was quoted my actual account ID ref no. so I didn’t question its authenticity. However, I became suspicious when it asked for my bank card details! Just thought I’d pass on this info about the low life who continue to target the vulnerable in our community.”

“just to make you aware of a scam email I encountered last week. I’d booked into a couple of b&b’s and a few days before arriving received emails seemingly from the b&b’s asking me to pre-register. There was a clickable link in both and I admit that I did fill in the information asked for. I only became aware it was a scam this morning when I queried a checking in time which I knew I had updated to a later time via this apparent pre-registration email.”

Emails can be very convincing so best to perhaps use your search bar to find the site rather than clicking the links. You could also phone the person to check first, but remember to never hand over your bank details. 

Report to Action Fraud 
Thank you for your time and please mention Neighbourhood link to friends, neighbours and family to raise awareness and hopefully reduce crime.

Darren 6035

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Did you know you can report crime and incidents using our online portal. Please visit Click on REPORT .
In an emergency dial 999

Please do not report crime or Incidents via ‘Neighbourhood Link’ as the messages are not always monitored.