Rural Policing and Crime Prevention Event

Good afternoon everyone

If you weren’t aware already, in just 3 weeks time, we are running a rural policing and crime prevention event within North West Leicestershire.

The aim of the event is to allow those that live or work in the countryside/rural community to not only come and meet dedicated rural officers, but also to network with multiple organisations of interest who are keen and eager to provide advice and support.

If this is for you and you plan to attend, please head to our North West Leicestershire Facebook page and click “Going” on the event itself, or, send a quick response on here to let me know that you are planning to come as this will help assist us, especially when it comes to organising refreshments. Over the coming weeks, we will be drip feeding out all the organisations that will be joining us, so keep your eyes peeled.

If this isn’t for you, but you know of someone who might be interested, please pass on the attached poster.

Thank you in advance