Recent Burglaries (Leicestershire Police)

Good Morning.

We’ve seen an increase recently in residential burglaries in and around the Markfield/Groby area.

There have been 5 confirmed breaks reported to us in the last 2 weeks, with a number of other reports of unknown persons “trying” car/house doors.

Please be vigilant when locking your homes and vehicles. Keep keys out of the door and away from any windows/out of sight. If you have a keyless entry vehicle, consider investing in a Faraday pouch- when keys are stored in these, the signal is blocked and cannot be relayed by criminals with key cloning devices-, consider prevention techniques such as using timers for lamps/TV’s, install security lights to your property, think about CCTV installation/ Ring doorbells.

Please be aware, we ARE out in the area throughout the nights/early morning in both marked and unmarked vehicles in attempts to keep you and your property safe.

If you would like any further crime prevention advice, please don’t hesitate to reply to this message, or keep any eye out for our beat surgeries and come and speak with us in person.