Driving on Pavements Vehicle Theft Engagement and Arrests (Leicestershire Police)


There was a report of a smashed window in the location of Turville Close on the night of 13th January. This may have been an attempt residential burglary. Security items such as window alarms and light timers are a great preventative as it will discourage opportunistic criminals. Get in touch if we can help you.

Vehicle registration plates stolen from a VW Golf on Azalea walk sometime between 16:00 and 07:00 on 18th into the 19th of January. I have ran out of free anti-theft screws but packs are available for £1 if you want any.

Vehicle theft from Sapcote Road (around the Winchester Drive exit). The vehicle taken was a Honda Civic Type R. The incident happened on the 21st of January between 04:00-06:00. No entrance was made to the residential property. This is the first car theft in Burbage since the 27th of December but please continue with as many home security measures as you can. Please get a steering lock and RFID wallets if applicable.

Two arrests were made just outside Burbage on the 22nd of January at 00:15. The vehicle was stopped using TPaC tactics. Suspects were detained for a S1 PACE search for articles to commit theft. Thanks to these types of patrols, this may have prevented another victim of crime in Burbage.

Parking/driving on footpaths outside Schools at school time. We have had to spend more time this weekend dealing with two drivers who felt it safe and appropriate to be driving along footpaths whilst hundreds of primary school children were leaving school. Following a report of a near miss, we have located the driver and dealt with it. The driver was extremely apologetic but we ultimately need these situations not to happen in the first place. Please fill in a form online if you would like to notify Leicestershire County Council around your road safety concerns at school times/areas. I have worked with the schools to get bollards to physically prevent pavement driving but this has been stopped by LCC. https://leicestershirecc-self.achieveservice.com/en/AchieveForms/?mode=fill&consentMessage=yes&form_uri=sandbox-publish%3A%2F%2FAF-Process-4583032a-e0fe-478f-bbb4-6554aeca43d1%2FAF-Stage-c8651afa-7ac6-4f75-a142-fe1325bfb5d0%2Fdefinition.json&process=1&process_uri=sandbox-processes%3A%2F%2FAF-Process-4583032a-e0fe-478f-bbb4-6554aeca43d1&process_id=AF-Process-4583032a-e0fe-478f-bbb4-6554aeca43d1&fbclid=IwAR3kEbhdXXPWIoz64supcOol1AcGVTgMp64GTCL4XogL9geteSq7Fo2Inlg

Residential burglary on Hillrise (around the Duport Road exit). The incident happened on the 21st of January at around 17:55. Entry was gained via an upstairs window. It appears nothing was stolen thanks to the house alarm activating and the suspects making a quick exit. Really shows the importance of switching on alarms.

Suspects have caused minor damage to a back gate on Jubilee Way between 04:00 – 04:25 on the morning of the 22nd. A black BMW was seen to enter and exit the estate during this time. If you have CCTV/doorbell footage that can give us any information around the registration plate, please get in touch.

We completed our Beat surgeries last week and it was fantastic to speak to so many people. The feedback was great. We supported with lots of crime prevention such as RFID key wallets and window alarms. We gave away road safety items to children and listened to feedback from residents. I will look to arrange a crime prevention event at some point soon as we normally do. 

Fireworks complaint from resident

“Fireworks being let off last night (20th Jan). The fireworks were massive and the loudest we’ve ever heard or seen, 2 of the firework remnants hit our property. When they were set off they didn’t go straight up, they headed our way , very dangerous, As the big one went off there was a man and girl walking a black lab past our bungalow on the meadows, sadly it frightened the dog so much that he couldn’t walk , they sat on the pavement with it as it shook , he was asking for help with the dog , we went out to help them and put the dog in our property, while the man had to run round to fetch his car to get the dog home . We have never seen a dog so terrified it was awful.”

Whilst there was nothing illegal about the fireworks display and some people have them for good reasons and celebrating, please work with your neighbours and consider others in the area. Perhaps a leaflet drop to neighbours, a post on your local WhatsApp group and other social media.

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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