Possible Attempt Vehicle Theft or Theft From on Troon Way (Leicestershire Police)

Hello,Could you please review any CCTV/Doorbell footage you may have regarding some suspicious activity last night (29th October around 01:30) on Troon Way. If you find anything of interest and have not already been in touch please contact me via the REPLY or drop me an Email direct.Images of suspects or suspicious vehicles around this time would be of interest. It is believed the suspicious activity was also in the area of Crownhill Road and Gleneagles Close. If they have travelled by vehicle anyone on Herald Way may have some vital footage. Please remember to call 999 Emergency immediately if you see any potential crime happening. Please consider drive way bollards, RFID wallets for keys and steering locks. I will be at Burbage Millennium Hall from 1400-1700 Tomorrow for our crime prevention event. We have the key wallets and anti-theft VRM screws amongst other items if needed.Thank you,Darren 6035