Vote for Leicestershire to be named UK’s Favourite Place

Leicestershire is the best place in the country – it has something for everyone.

It’s bang in the middle of the country. Not great for going for a day at the beach, granted. But geographically it is the happy medium in all ways.

Being in the middle means the best of both worlds. We have the famed friendly disposition of the north, and the balmy climes of the south.

That’s why I’m backing the county in the nationwide poll to find the UK’s Favourite Place run by our sister site 2Chill. Don’t forget to cast your vote.

Despite the global headlines which have put Leicester on the map in recent years – from the fairytale successes of Leicester City FC to the car park king Richard III’s discovery and reburial in our cathedral – the city remains a hidden gem, rather than a place full of tourists all year round.

Which is a surprise, because being in the centre of the country, when you’re in Leicestershire you’re never that far from anyway else. Imagine living in Cornwall and having to go anywhere?

There are great transport links. Trains from Leicester go north, south, east and west, with the capital only an hour away and it has the M1 the M69 and a few hundred yards of the A1 in its eastern corner.

But why leave anyway? The county is great for things to do – Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill Country Park for a scenic hike or a scramble on our ancient rocks, and Twycross Zoo has the best collection of primates in the country and everyone knows the monkeys are the best thing about any zoo.

Then there’s the National Space Centre, the Battle of Bosworth centre, the internationally renowned Curve theatre, Foxton Locks and many other places to visit that mean no one ever gets stuck for something to do at the weekend

With Fosse Park on our outskirts and our beloved market, quirky Lanes and shopping Mecca the Highcross in the centre of a bustling city centre, you can shop ’til you drop here.

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If you are shopping, make sure you pick up some Stilton, or a Melton Mowbray pork pie, or a bag of Walkers, or a Pukka Pie, or one of our many other local delicacies – we’re one of the Bucket List destinations for foodies, and our booming restaurant scene proves it.

Lee Circle Car Park

And while Leicester city centre may be dominated by the fancy architecture of somewhere like Bath or York, it has a very long history and little bits from down the ages survive, meaning that a few yards down the road from modern high rise you’re likely to happen upon something ancient and beautiful like the Turret Gateway, which wouldn’t seem nearly as special if the whole place was like that.

And even our less attractive buildings are fascinating. For example Lee Circle Car Park – to some a hideous monstrosity, obviously – is now a rare example of its architectural style and a weird tourist attraction in its own right.

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With our street art trails, our Golden Mile, our Victorian walkways, we’re a city with character, it cannot be denied.

Where else can you see a Statue of Liberty without needing a passport?

Do you agree with Tom? Visit 2Chill to vote for your favourite place in the UK.

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