The Little Book of Big Scams

Dear Members

Hope everyone is well. We have had a report of fraud where the victim has lost a large amount of money in the Wigston Oadby area and I would like to provide you all with a handy downloadable booklet called ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’. Click on the link below and please forward or print this booklet to your elderly neighbours, friends or family.

The contents covered in the booklet covers majority of scams to be aware of:
Online Crime
Wi-Fi Hotspots
Online Shopping and Auction Sites
Computer Software Service Fraud
Romance and Dating Fraud
Recruitment Fraud
Holiday Fraud
Ticketing Fraud
Online Banking and Card Fraud
Identity Fraud
Courier Fraud
Door to Door Fraud
Investment Fraud
Scam Mail
What to do if you get scammed – Contacts and Reporting Advice

Hope this helps

Finally, could you spare two minutes of your time and click on the link below to conduct a survey of your local area.

By completing the survey, it not only makes us aware of issues in our area but also allows us to share details with partner agencies as well. With your help we can make our community safer!

Stay Safe
PCSO Ali Haq
Wigston Police Station