Stolen Bicycle Newsletter And Scams And Fifty Pound Notes (Leicestershire Police)


Please see your monthly Police newsletter attached for a summary of incidents for March.

We also have our priorities as decided by you, Burbage residents. Also, here is a quick update on recent incidents of note in Burbage.

There has been a Bicycle theft at Tilton road shops premier stores at 16:50 on the 28th of March. The bicycle is a Carrera Vengeance in grey, similar to the picture below. If you find one dumped in the area or for sale and you suspect it is the stolen bike, please get in touch. We are completing investigations and if the bike is not found, we will hopefully release an image of the suspect.  22000176417

A message from Hinckley officers regarding £50 notes (if your rich enough to have one) I do have a few counterfeit detector flashlights available for £3.50 each if there are any locals/businesses that would like one.
Counterfeit 50 pound notes in Hinckley Town Centre
Please can local shoppers and retailers be aware that we have identified a number of counterfeit Scottish £50 notes in circulation around Hinckley Town Centre.
The £50 notes look real from a distance but have been found to be counterfeit after more in depth checks.
Signs such as the words “Royal Bank of Scotland” being blurred on the bottom of the note, and the edges of the note not being straight and properly cut identify a fake note.
Persons using these notes will buy low value items usually under £10 at local stores in order to get a large amount of change back in legal currency.
Should you be passed one of these notes please can you make Hinckley Police aware.

Scams sent in by residents to raise awareness.

“Hi Darren, just had what I believe to be a scam. We were contacted on our landline number by someone claiming to be a police officer from Paddington police station in London, he gave his name as detective constable Daniels, badge No; UE145. He said they had a young woman in custody who had tried to buy a washing machine from Argos costing £599 on my wife’s credit card. He said that in order to verify his name and badge No; we should press 101 into the phone prior to hanging up on him, he would then call us back. I didn’t press the number, just hung up.”

“This morning my wife received a call from ‘HMRC’ claiming she had not filled in het tax return correctly and she needed to press……..then the call disconnected. The number was 07540 17****.
Perhaps worth a warning to the community in your next communication.”

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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