Sketchley Road Safety WhatsApp Scam Stolen Caravan and Anti-Social Behaviour (Leicestershire Police)

We hope you are well.

Burbage update regarding crime in the area.

Please continue to be mindful of where you leave your vehicle and what is in it. Registration plates were stolen from a vehicle on Sapcote Road after being left at the location and tools were taken from a van again from the Jury’s Inn Hotel.

I have received several reports from residents regarding anti-social behaviour around the Sunny Hill and Forresters Road area. This has had a big impact on some local residents. We are identifying those involved and will update you over the coming weeks on the work completed to hopefully resolve this.

A wheel was taken from a Ford Fusion on Holt Road sometime between 21:00 on the 10th of May and 07:40 on the 11th of May. If you saw anything suspicious or have any CCTV, please get in touch. 22000267247 (between the Farm Road and St Martins junction area)

Theft of caravan from an address on Sapcote Road sometime between 22:00 on the 15th and 08:30 on the 16th of May. The incident happened around the Winchester Drive area so please get in touch if you saw anything suspicious or have any CCTV of the incident. 22000277868.

We will be holding a big crime prevention event at the Burbage Millennium Hall on Tuesday 31st of May from 10:00-16:00. There will be lots of crime prevention items (sold at cost), dress up and colouring for kids, drugs awareness, road safety or please just pop into the main hall for a chat. 

There are many ways to keep our schools safe and improve road safety in the area. We have been helping to organise activities to reduce vehicles in the area and keep our children safe. Today (17th May) we launched a walk to school event with the fantastic support of Sketchley Primary School and the Safe And Sustainable Travel Team from LCC.

A big thank you to the 300-400 parents and children that attended the event as well as Sketchley Grange hotel for letting parents use the car park ongoing as a place to park. It takes around 8 minutes to walk to the school and avoids the possible dangers associated with parking outside schools.

We hope this continues and it is great to see we have the support of the vast majority of parents in the area.

There isn’t always an easy answer to problems and it takes everyone to work together. We will continue with other plans we have to make our school areas safer.
Thank you again to all involved and especially to the parents and children.

There have been several incidents in the village over recent weeks and one this week where car keys have been taken from properties. The vehicles have not been taken but we assume the suspect would be planning on returning later. Please ensure your home doors are locked when you get in and your keys are in a safe place so opportunistic criminals cannot take advantage.

Scams sent in by residents to raise awareness and support others WhatsApp SCAM

WhatsApp scam message stating “hi mum, got a new phone due to the old one being broken, I will be using this one from now on”. They will then ask you for money with you believing this is your family member.
My wife has just received a “Dear Mum” scam message on her mobile.
The ‘Dear Mum’ scam involves fraudsters posing as people’s children by pretending they have lost or damaged their phone and are having to contact their parents from a different number. The scammers then ask their parents to lend them money for a new phone or to cover their bills.
May be worth letting people know it’s still active?

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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Did you know you can report crime and incidents using our online portal. Please visit Click on REPORT .
In an emergency dial 999

Please do not report crime or Incidents via ‘Neighbourhood Link’ as the messages are not always monitored.