Sam’s Cafe

Do you remember that Groby once had a transport café? It was situated at the bottom of the hill on the Leicester Road, where Dalby Drive begins.

Samuel Waldron was the proprietor, well known for his café on Southgate Street in Leicester. Growing up in the 1940s in Groby opposite this establishment, I found it fascinating to watch the comings and goings. Lorries parked erratically in the driveway and alongside the road.

There was great excitement in the early 1950s when Mr Waldron decided to create tennis courts to the rear of the property. One of the men who worked for him told us, “they would be as good as Toller Road”, apparently this was high praise. The work proceeded and a tramcar arrived to become the changing rooms. Our family played some tennis there but it wasn’t long before weeds forced themselves through the tarmac, spoiling the game somewhat! My brother and I enjoyed playing in the tram, taking it for many imaginary journeys.

The café seemed very popular with lorry drivers, the same cannot be said for the tennis courts. I can’t remember when the café closed. If you have memories of the café, please let us know. Sam Waldron was a real character, many still remember him I’m sure.