Range Rover Van Theft ASB and Dogs (Leicestershire Police)


Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the ratings and feedback. Having spoken to many residents this week, it has been lovely to see how many people read these Emails so thank you for your time. Here are some incidents from the last week to bring to your attention.

Woodland Avenue theft of van between 31st September 21:00 and 1st October 08:00. The Renault Master van in Grey was left at the location overnight. No entry to residential property. Please look into steering locks and alarms especially if you are not able to park on a drive. Crime number 21000634892

Theft/attempts of Range Rovers, Keyless car crime has become an issue in many areas over Leicestershire recently. Our recent attempt on Troon Way was one of these. Please speak to neighbours, friends and family if they own a Range Rover. Please consider a steering lock, tracker, keyless wallet (£2 from me), blocking your vehicle in or driveway bollards. Historically in Burbage, high value Audi’s and BMW’s were also targeted so please review your security. Ensure you call 999 or 101 immediately if you see anything suspicious.

We received several calls regarding Anti-Social Behaviour in Burbage over the Halloween weekend. We are spending a lot of time dealing with the fall out of parties involving younger people. Could we ask that if you are holding a party for younger residents (under 18), and you are the responsible adult that you ensure NO alcohol is present or consumed at the party. If the children are under 16 then you have a legal responsibility for other people’s children. Please also consider the safety concerns for the children and their possible actions once they have left your property. Some of the behaviour we have seen recently has a big impact on the community. We have a very good relationship with residents, schools and work with the ASB team at Hinckley so any reports of Anti-social behaviour will likely result in a knock at the door. Most of the parents we have visited over recent months have been brilliant in ensuring their children are held accountable for their actions. If your child is out and about, are you confident of what they are up to?

Our crime prevention event went very well on Saturday so thank you very much if you were able to attend. It was really good to see residents for a chat and hopefully help reduce crime in the area. Little bits of awareness can make a big difference. If you want a copy of the crime prevention catalogue please drop me an email to Darren.stretton@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk .  I plan to be at the Christmas market on Friday 26th November so hope to see you there.

Occasionally there are issues around dogs in the village so i have put a bit of information below with a few links to check out.

My pet has been attacked by a dog can the police do anything?

There have been decisions in the past by courts and authorities to suggest that it is the nature of a dog to kill and wound small animals. As such, unfortunately there is no certainty that the police could take action, in the event of your pet being killed or wounded by a dog.
The police will however take action if the dog was dangerously out of control
If the police cannot take action under the circumstances, the other possible alternative is to pursue civil proceedings against the dog owner. In this event, we would recommend contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau for further guidance on this process.


What action can be taken with regards to a dangerous dog?

If a dog has attacked a person or animal, it is a police matter and you should contact them directly. Call 101 (or 999 in emergencies only).

If a dog poses an immediate threat to the safety of the public, the police or other responsible person (e.g. vet/local authority) can order that the dog be lawfully destroyed. It is a criminal offence for the person in charge of the dog to allow it to be ‘dangerously out of control’ anywhere in England and Wales, whether or not it is in a public place.

If the dog has been established as dangerously out of control but does not pose an immediate threat to the public etc., the police and local authorities now have the power to act early to prevent dog attacks before they occur. These measures could include; attending dog training classes, repairing fencing to their property to prevent the dog escaping or requiring the dog to be muzzled when out in public.


Hinckley Council Dog Warden

Darren 6035

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Did you know you can report crime and incidents using our online portal. Please visit https://www.leics.police.uk/ Click on REPORT .
In an emergency dial 999

Please do not report crime or Incidents via ‘Neighbourhood Link’ as the messages are not always monitored.