Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Leicestershire Police)

Good evening Earl Shilton and Barwell. With the early, cold nights and the lovely Christmas lights illuminating the skies with icy roads, I thought I would give a quick general update into what has been happening on the beat.There hasn’t been too many major incidents recently around Earl Shilton or Barwell. Myself and the rest of the beat team have been getting round some of the local schools and council meetings to keep in touch with what’s happening behind closed doors.We are aware and are trying to deal with local youths being involved in ASB. With the darker evenings we are getting more youths causing a nuisance for others around the area. If you see or know of anyone involved in ASB please let us know by contacting us. We take a tiered approach in dealing with ASB issues and work closely with the council in dealing and issuing words of advice, advice letters, warning letters etc.With the colder weather and icy roads, we ask road users to take care while driving to avoid RTC’s. Take care and enjoy the build up to Christmas.Kind Regards. PCSO Reed