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We hope you are well. Here is an update for a very busy week in Burbage.

Two skips full of stones were stolen from Lychgate Lane at 20:30 on the 4th of April. These stones were being used due to the ongoing road repairs in the area. The suspect vehicle left towards Aston Flamville.

A coat has been taken from a vehicle on the Rainbow Way car park. Please remember not to leave anything on view or of value in your vehicle. Criminals will take anything if they can get a few quid for it.

We have been completing work on an incident of damage to a fence on Sunnyhill, where fence panels were kicked in over several days. We identified several youths involved and as a result, have issued warning letters, completed home visits, worked with the School, supported the victim with crime prevention products and managed to recoup some money towards the cost of the replacement.

A lot of work has gone into identifying the youths involved and getting as close to the truth as possible. We appreciate that incidents like this can have a massive impact on local residents and always try to resolve these issues where possible. It is helpful to us when parents of the children involved support us, as many of them did do in this instance. It may be difficult for a parent, but will help their child in the long term to ensure they do not keep getting involved in these types of incidents. 

The victim said “The experience of the Anti-social behaviour can be very intimidating and impacts on people whether they are young or old. The stupidity of the actions can affect victims’ long term especially if they are elderly or vulnerable. Parents needs to take responsibility for their children which involves knowing where they are, what they are doing and who they are with. Hopefully with the positive work done, this has ended the cycle of damage and we can move on”.

As a local beat team, we have completed lots of work over previous years dealing with Anti-social behaviour. The vast majority of children are fantastic and are never an issue. A minority of children can make bad decisions, and hopefully we are given the opportunity to challenge this and put them on the right path, as we have done with many children over the years.

With the holidays coming up, we ask for the support of local residents and parents to help us in identifying and preventing issues which can have big effects on local communities.

Following the wide load through Burbage and some of the feedback received, I have spoken to the abnormal loads traffic management team. We will be looking to put some “no waiting cones” in place going forward. If you are aware of anyone without internet access/Email that needs to be made aware of these journeys, please reply to me and I will try and ensure they receive a leaflet to notify them.

The reason they use this route is due to the height of the load and it is too high to travel on this dedicated high load route and It is not permitted to use the motorway network.

We will always attempt to raise as much awareness as possible and give as much notice as possible.

I attended Sketchley Primary School to meet with the Head and Deputy Head, Premises Officer, Business Manager, Chair of Governors and a member of the “safe and sustainable travel team” from Leicestershire County Council. Myself and the School discussed local concerns and again have pushed for footpath bollards and to look into the use of cameras outside schools to see if this is possible. This is due to the complaints around drivers using mobile phones and driving up footpaths whilst children are leaving school. We need permission from the county council to implement a lot of what myself and the school would see as pro-active and safe measures to protect children and pedestrians outside our schools. I will update you as and when we get responses.

Theft of tools on the 8th of April from the Jury’s Inn hotel car park. Tool thefts have increased over recent weeks (not in Burbage) but please let this be a reminder not to become complacent and always try and remove valuables. With car boot season coming up, be wary of your valuables, and also perhaps what you may be purchasing. If you wish to product mark your items, we have UV pens and Torches available from 25p to £2. Also consider registering your items free on https://www.immobilise.com/

An Audi key with blue fob has been lost on Grove Road this week. If you find it, please hand in to the Parish council and they will contact the keeper.

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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