Farm Trailer Crime Prevention (Leicestershire Police)

In recent weeks there has been an Ifor Williams cattle trailer stolen from within our force area.In light of this below is some additional advice for those with farm equipment which may be targeted by thieves operating within the area.• Recording trailer serial numbers and photographs for reference – a picture of the stolen trailer or box will increase publicity prospects and recovery.• Putting your postcode on the roof of trailers or equipment, the bottom or any other discrete are is a good way of making sure that it is easily identifiable.• Having your trailer marked with a security marking scheme such as Datatag. Do your research and speak to your insurer to find the system that’s right for you especially if the insurer offers a discount.• If your trailer or box is fitted with Datatag (or any other security marking) make sure that it is registered to you especially if you have brought the equipment second-hand.• Secure using a wheel clamp or hitch lock and considering using a security posts to secure.• Considering an appropriate ground anchor with strong high CEN rated padlock and chain. Don’t always trust the standard hitch lock that comes from the manufacturer as these can be bypassed by thieves.• Considering removing wheels on trailer if they’re not going to be used for a while. Lock the wheels away in a different place and consider using security posts to secure your trailer into an area.• Making sure that if you have a trailer which is fitted with a security registration sticker such as the TER Sticker (The Trailer Equipment Register) that your details are current and up to date with them.• Secure by reversing up to a solid object such as a wall and then placing a bucket or other heavy implement over the hitch to prevent removal.