ASB Loughborough Town Centre (Leicestershire Police)

Good evening,I’m sure you will have heard by now the continued Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) being caused by a group of youths in Loughborough Town Centre. This has been a reoccurring issue over the past few months and is clearly having an impact on the quality of lives of people working in the area and members of the public trying to enjoy a night out. Local officers have increased patrols and have made arrests over recent days for a variety of incidents. A dispersal order was authorised on 8th March and two youths were dispersed from Town and returned home. The reaction of parents spoken to has been very positive to date. We are asking parents of teenagers that allow their kids to go to Loughborough Town Centre to have that conversation with their son/daughter about their behaviour and who /where they are visiting. The police are using the ASB incremental approach when the identity of youths are known and this could lead to court action if they continue to be involved in such behaviour.This last week we have seen three youths being given Youth Referral Orders at Court that allow our partners at the Youth Offending Service to work with the individual to deter them from taking the wrong path.We value the support and understanding of the local community  PC 1799 Phil Martindale Loughborough Neighbourhood Officer