Who Is About? Nitrous Oxide Graffiti And Assault (Leicestershire Police)

We hope you are keeping well and had a great weekend. Here is an update for crime in Burbage.

No reports of burglary or vehicle crime over the last week in Burbage which is very good news. There are a few other things goings on though to keep you updated on.

A report of assault on Coventry Road on the 2nd of June at around 22:30. Police attended and one person arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

Report of persons in garden on Sketchley Road on the 3rd of June at around 22:30. Believed to be a case of drunken behaviour.

Please be mindful of what you leave in your front garden or insecure. With more reports of “suspicious vehicles”, it is not easy to say what their intentions are. If you leave anything out for scrap collection, please make it clear it is scrap and you are happy for it to be taken.

We have been working with the Hinckley team regarding Graffiti in the area. If you see any graffiti, please report it to https://www.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk/info/200089/street_care_and_cleaning where you can also report a range of issues to help keep the streets clean. If there are any “tags” on the graffiti, please drop a picture to me via email as we work with the Hinckley team to try and identify those involved.

Some areas of Leicestershire have suffered with keyless car theft over recent weeks so whilst we are currently doing well, please continue to be mindful. We have the RFID wallets at the office, so if you have a keyless vehicle, please ensure your key is protected. Remember to use steering locks and driveway bollards if you have them. We sell the wallets at cost for £2 each. Darren.stretton@leics.police.uk

Nitrous Oxide cannisters spotted in areas around Sketchley Grange Hotel. The incidents are sporadic so it is very difficult to manage but if you see anyone involved in this activity, please call the Police immediately with the location and vehicle registration number.

We will be completing ongoing targeted patrols but please pass on any information you may have. You can find out more about the dangers of Nitrous Oxide here https://www.talktofrank.com/drug/nitrous-oxide

We have previously issued S59’s and completed home visits regarding this behaviour. You can report these incidents to HBBC with the above street clean link or they can be recycled. 

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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Did you know you can report crime and incidents using our online portal. Please visit https://www.leics.police.uk/ Click on REPORT .
In an emergency dial 999

Please do not report crime or Incidents via ‘Neighbourhood Link’ as the messages are not always monitored.