Traffic Operation (Leicestershire Police)


It’s been a wet and windy few days, with trees and things coming down all over the place, and it’s not over yet. Please be careful and only go out if you really need to.

We were joined yesterday by colleagues from our Roads Policing Unit and Hinckley Police, targeting speeding vehicles in the areas that you have highlighted to us.

We’re happy to say that the majority of drivers were travelling at the speed limit or below; however, there were a few that we had to speak to in relation to their speed.

Multiple words of advice given and numerous Traffic Offence Reports issued.

On the way back to the office, we were called to a vehicle obstructing a farmers gate, impeding their access and causing a danger to other road users, especially on this unlit stretch of road. The vehicle removed to prevent an accident.

If you feel there is an issue with vehicles speeding in your area, please get in touch either by Neighbourhood Link, Facebook, or 101, and we’ll visit the location with our speed monitoring equipment!

Please keep an eye out for our February Newsletter coming VERY soon!