South Wigston Priority Update You Said we did

Dear Members of South Wigston,

Hope everyone is well? I wanted to update you all on the beat priorities we have in your area.

The first Priority you said was Speeding on Dorset Avenue and Gloucester Crescent. We have not had any further or major incidents reported to us however the beat team will be reviewing this once Lockdown is completely eased.

The second Priority you said is ASB and Drug dealing/taking on William Gunning Park in South Wigston. Since the Lockdown there has been a reduced number of ASB cases. However since lockdown is easing and summer is now approaching us. We will leave this priority open so that we can continue to monitor incidents. Please could I ask residents to continue to call us when incidents occur as without your calls we will not know the issues occurring.

The Third priority you said was ASB and Drug dealing/taking near to the Gloucester Crescent Shops which is also in line with our second priority as well.
So far we have not had any recent reports of any issues around this area. However we will be leaving this priority open due to summer and lockdown is easing. We will continue to keep a good rapport with our local shops and working partners to help reduce incidents.

On a separate note we want to continue to see the reduction of vehicle crime and burglaries this summer. Please ensure that you secure any bottom floor windows/doors especially to the rear of your property. Please take any personal belongings from your vehicles especially things like designer sun glasses or loose change from your centre consoles of your vehicles to avoid any criminal opportunity.

Finally, could you spare two minutes of your time and click on the link below to conduct a survey of your local area.

By completing the survey, it not only makes us aware of issues in our area but also allows us to share details with partner agencies as well. With your help we can make our community safer!

Stay Safe

Your South Wigston Beat Team,
Sgt Steve Power, PC Emma Kirkland
PCSO Geoff Smith

Wigston Police Station