Remembrance Sunday Maserati Keys Scams and Burglary (Leicestershire Police)


No reports of vehicle crime over the last week and all round good crime figures.

A report just coming in of a Burglary to an unoccupied property on Denis Road sometime between the 12th and 14th November. Entrance via the back bedroom window. Unknown items taken. Please continue to be vigilant during the darker nights, consider window alarms and remove valuables if you, or a parent are leaving the home unoccupied (holidays, hospital, rest break etc.)

Remembrance Sunday Service. Myself and PC Sharpe attended the Burbage war memorial to lay our wreath on behalf of Leicestershire Police to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life. It was great to see so many pay their respects and it was an honour and privilege to take part in the service and lay the wreath.

A set of car keys have been found keys on the Britannia fields. They belong to the owner of a Maserati vehicle. If you know anyone in the area that has one of these vehicles and has lost a key please drop me an Email to

I have received a few Emails that residents would like raising within the community to hopefully help others and raise awareness.

WhatsApp Scam. Another resident has received a WhatsApp message from someone attempting to scam money.

“I contacted my daughter and she knew nothing about it so it’s obviously a scam. 
I thought I should bring it to your attention. 
It came from 0782373****. “

If anyone ever asks you online for money, always double check. Call a trusted number yourself, verify who they are and if you have any doubts hang up or delete/block the number. The numbers supplied have no trace so are probably cloned numbers.

Catalytic converter theft in Wolvey report from resident

“I have today been to a pub in Wolvey for lunch with friends. I thought it would be worth you knowing how brazen thieves can be. In broad daylight. Whilst we were eating and chatting, we noticed a car with foreign plates parked next to my friends car with the door open, little realising that someone was shielding his mate who was under the car hacksawing through the exhaust pipe forward of the convertor. We prepared to leave which obviously alerted them and they drove off. Our shock at the sonorous exhaust noise can be imagined and on examination we found a section of exhaust pipe detached but the Catalytic converter was still in place. We reported it to the publican who did not seem too surprised. 
I thought it worth reporting so that other people can be aware.”

Concerns around Coronavirus passport scam Emails. Emails are being received regarding the passport that may take you through to sites trying to access your bank details. Remember to check who you are giving your personal details to. Never give private information to unknown sources. Avoid clicking on links as this may take you to cloned pages that look identical to the legitimate site.

We have been continuing with investigations regarding previous crime in Burbage, ongoing patrols, crime prevention with residents and working with residents to try and resolve disputes.

Darren 6035

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