Parking Scams And Mobile Phones (Leicestershire Police)

Hello residents of Burbage,

Still looking very good on the crime front, Excellent.

In addition to our last report of graffiti near Sapcote Road, we have had a further incident on Hinckley Road park. Several buildings were damaged sometime between 19:15 – 22:30 on Tuesday the 1st of January. We have completed work to try and identify the suspects but if you were in the area, please have a think if you saw anyone acting suspicious around the buildings on the park. Removing the paint is a long process and we would like to keep Burbage looking nice for all residents. If you see anyone spray painting walls, please call the Police immediately. Try and get as information as possible on the suspect/s.

On the way back from a parking complaint last night, I was challenged by a resident regarding parking on Church Street. I would suggest going forward that criticisms of me as an individual are left until you are sober, and forward your concerns regarding parking onto Leicestershire County Council. Residents of Church street will be happy to know i have no powers or reason to remove legally parked vehicles. 

Parking complaints continue. We are currently dealing with a couple of abandoned vehicles around the village. Ongoing complaints around pavement parking. We have challenged and dealt where we can but we are not in a position to manage every vehicle. We really want people to consider that mobility scooters, pushchairs and pedestrians may need to walk on the road if a vehicle is blocking access. Concerns are generally raised when someone is having work done on their property (please ask workers to park correctly), near takeaways/shops, near schools or visiting events. We have done work with all of the mentioned and would like residents to support each other with this.

Pc Tom Sharpe, Sgt Shaun Wilson, Pcso Darren Stretton (Your Burbage Beat Team)

A couple of residents have notified me of some scams to share with you to raise awareness.
Phone calls

“We are getting phone calls 18 times in the last three days. If we pick receiver up no one is there. We have tried to block the caller but our house phone will not let us do this. Our you able to help us in any way. The number is 0128*7*70*3.”
This number appears to link back to scam calls regarding medical insurance. Please contact your phone provider if you find you are receiving lots of phone calls. You can also purchase call blockers. Remember to never give out your personal details such as bank account details over the phone.
 BT Account SCAM 
“I have received an email from “bt.athome” with various other numbers and digits after the above reference. It was VERY CONVINCING as it actually had all the graphics and colours associated with BT, however it referred to an account number with the last 4 digits which were NOT my account number. The email stated as follows :-           

Important information about your payment details. We wanted to let you know that your Direct Debit with us is no longer active. This means you don’t currently have an automatic payment method set up to deal with your bills.
To set up a new Direct Debit click the button below:”

Mobile phone and driving

With new laws around mobile phones and driving expected to be brought in at the end of March, please be aware. Remember that by putting your phone in the RFID key wallet before you start your journey, it will reduce the chances of your phone bleeping and reduce the temptation of you looking at it.

Distraction when driving a motor vehicle is running at very high levels with the latest estimate that this is the second largest collision causation factor after speed across Europe.

Mobile phone usage whilst driving has been the top driver concern in the RAC Report on Motoring for four of the last five years.

Whether using a phone handheld or hands free, the risk of crashing increases by 4x. A driver distracted by a phone can be impaired to the same degree as a drink driver. This second finding may really surprise people who might be tempted to use their phone, but would never dream of drinking and driving.

Members of the public can submit footage they have captured on their dash cams, GoPro-type cameras, or mobile phones. This means that anyone could be capturing evidence of offending that could be used to prosecute a phone using driver.

Thank you for your time and take care,

Darren 6035

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