Parking (Leicestershire Police)

Recently we have had issues with vehicles parked in inconsiderate places. After receiving calls, we have been able to identify the vehicle owners, get the vehicles moved and offer words of advice. You may think that parking issues is a matter for the police to deal with. However, the first point of contact is very often your local authority. Here are a few pointers about what constitutes nuisance parking and what to do if it’s affecting you.Parking disputes – if a parking space is available on a public road, even if it’s directly outside your house, anyone is allowed to park in it. We appreciate this can be frustrating, especially if spaces are hard to come by on your street. Designated parking spaces – if someone has parked in your designated parking space without your permission, our first advice is always to try and resolve the issue peacefully yourself. If you can’t find the driver to speak with them, try leaving a polite note on their windscreen. Parking on your driveway – If someone parks their vehicle on your driveway without your permission, this is trespassing. This is a civil dispute and not something we can help you with. Someone blocking your driveway – If someone has blocked your driveway so you can’t drive in, we appreciate this can be very frustrating.If you can find the owner of the vehicle, we’d first recommend asking them politely to move it. If you can’t find them, try leaving a note on their windscreen. After all, they may not realise they have caused a problem. Should the problem continue to happen please contact the local council. If a person has blocked your driveway and is preventing you from getting your own vehicle out, we may be able to help as this is classed as anti social behaviour. Illegal parking – If the vehicle is parked:•on zig zag linesdangerously•in a way that would prevent emergency vehicles from accessing•You can report this to us via 101 or online.If the vehicle is parked:•over a dropped kerb•on a pedestrian crossing (including the area •marked by the zig-zag lines)•in spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, residents or motorbikes (unless entitled to do so)•in marked taxi bays, cycle lanes or red lines•near a school entrance, bus or tram stop•anywhere that would prevent access for Emergency ServicesPlease report it to your local council.Kind RegardsPC2928 Hinckley police station