Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch is a committee of local residents in the community who are committed to ensuring that the community remains a safe and secure place to live. The committee meets to discuss the community safety and security and examines the recent events that have been reported. Close ties are kept with the local police and city officials to exchange information and ideas in the interest of public safety.

Like most organisations, additional help is always needed. If you feel you can give some of your time to the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, then please contact the Secretary (see above).

If you see anything suspicious:

In an Emergency: Dial 999

Contact the Local Police: 0116 2222222

Crimestoppers: 0800 555111

Groby Neighbourhood Watch: Martin Cartwright, 0116 2874500 / 07850 707050 / Skype: appliancehome, MSN Messenger:

Groby Beat Officer Pc Ned Kelly Pc (0918)

Write to: Groby Neighbourhood Watch, Maverick House, 10 Pine Tree Avenue, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0EQ

The entrance to every road in Groby has had a new Groby Neighbourhood Watch sign fitted during 2007 – 2008. Signs donated by Leicestershire Constabulary on behalf of Pc Ned Kelly, Martin Cartwright secretary of Groby neighbourhood Watch branch and owner of Appliancehome Limited your local apppliance repair company, and John Hagan, retired Groby Parish Council chairman.

Have you seen the one in your road?

Safer-community (Crime Concern) website is the first of its kind, aimed directly at local people aiming to create their own safer communities. It contains information on a range of crime issues, case studies of what others have done to combat crime in their area, a ‘virtual communities’ area and a discussion board. Please come and have a look and let us know what you think.

Visit the Crime Concern website