General update (Leicestershire Police)

Good morning Barwell and Earl Shilton. I hope you’re all well. Just thought I would give you all a general update as to what’s been going on around the beat lately. ASB – We have had on going issues with ASB in Barwell around certain areas which we have been in close contact with the council using a system called Sentinel. We have issued advice/warning letters to those involved with ASB as we have procedures we have to follow by using an incremental approach. We are aware with shorter days youths like to be out and about when it’s dark. If you know of any ASB issues or know of anyone involved in causing issues please raise it with us either via social media, phone (101) or through the Leicestershire force website.Drug dealing/taking – We have been gathering intel from information we receive from the public or from concerns we have ourselves. Thanks to the spectacular work carried out by the force the other month, we executed warrants on numerous addresses around the area we had been gathering intel on. Since then we have noticed a decrease in drug related crime. Again if you have any concerns or have information you think we would find useful please get in touch.We are looking to boost the amount of people signed up to Neighbourhood Link so if you have friends or family in the area please spread the word and encourage them to sign up. Take care. PCSO Reed.