Burbage Car Breaks And Theft Scam Update And Internet Safety (Leicestershire Police)


Update for crime in Burbage over the last week.

Woodland Avenue possible attempt van break. Incident occurred at roughly 22:30 on Sunday 5th December. Suspects disturbed at scene. 

It can be very difficult to protect your van but please consider removing tools, having an alarm, perhaps stickers saying “no tools left over night”, park against a wall or fence if possible. We have some crime prevention products that may support you. Drop me an email for the catalogue if you would like a look. Darren.stretton@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Two vehicle incidents on Victoria Road overnight on 8th – 9th December. Possible incident times between 23:30 – 00:30. Incidents include the lock, key ignition and plastic covering being removed from a FIAT 500 and damage caused to the door of a van although no entry gained and no property stolen.

We have then received a report that on the 9th December between 21:00-22:30 on Salem Road, a BMW was stolen via forced entrance through the kitchen window where the vehicle keys have been taken and vehicle stolen. Whilst we have completed door to door in the area, if you have any CCTV that may be of use for the above incidents, please get in touch.

Residents have been in touch regarding many different scams from EON to Facebook scams. Scams come in all forms from phone, Email, Text or at your door. Several residents contacted me regarding the WhatsApp scam, here is an update from ActionFraud.

“New data from Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime, reveals a new emerging threat where victims are being targeted on WhatsApp by criminals pretending to be someone they know.
The scam has been reported to Action Fraud 25 times between August and October 2021 and has cost users a total of £48,356.

Criminals will typically claim to be a family member and will usually begin the conversation with “Hello Mum” or “Hello Dad”. They will say that they are texting from a new mobile number as their phone was lost or damaged and will go on to ask for money to purchase a new phone, or claim that they need money urgently to pay a bill.”

Remember, no matter what platform you are using, always stay mindful of where you are entering passwords, who you are giving details to and never give out private information. You can find more information here https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/  (I have discovered how to create clickable links on these messages so you should not need to copy and paste, just tap the links) 

With the school holidays coming up, please take a look at the thinkuknow links regarding Internet safety. Advice for parents and carers

Lots of us will continue to rely on technology over the winter break, for entertainment and keeping in touch with friends and family. 

You can share the following articles to help parents and carers keep their children safer online:




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