Arrest Graffiti Postcode Lottery VRM Plates and Surveys (Leicestershire Police)


Just an update regarding events in Burbage for recent days.

Whilst officers were on patrol, they have stop checked a vehicle on Burbage Road. Following a search, the driver was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply and Sec5a driving whilst over the prescribed limit. There are lots of different ways of improving road safety for residents and this is an example of one the ways officers make the roads safer for us all.

Graffiti has been reported as being committed along several homes and fences in an alley way next to Sketchley Primary School. The content of the graffiti was not what anyone would want their children reading and will cost either residents or the council money to clean off. If you have any information to identify the person/s involved, please drop me an email to . We are working with Hinckley officers to try and identify those involved. If you find any recent graffiti, please take a photo and send it to us. You can also report this to the HBBC street cleaning team  Please also ensure the incident is reported to Police online as this enables us to map areas that are being affected. 

Postcode Lottery Scam from resident

“I’ve just had a call from someone claiming to be from the postcode lottery saying I was eligible for a discount card because I do the lottery, alarm bells were ringing immediately as she quoted my husband’s name instead of mine (he doesn’t do the lottery) and our old address, she asked what age group I fell into and as I was in the 60 to 70 age group I was also eligible for free flights in and around Europe, she just needed a few details from me to activate my account if I wanted to take up this special offer.  At this point I said I would just ring the postcode lottery team to ask if this was a genuine offer, she said ok and put the phone down. Having spoken to a lady from the postcode lottery she assured me it wasn’t from them and she took some details from me. I’m pretty sure she was going to ask for bank details at some point and I just wanted you to warn others as this is a new one on me”

One report of theft of registration plates from a van on Sketchley industrial estate on the night of Wednesday 12th January. A resident has been in touch to state a suspicious person was shining a torch towards properties on Cardinal Drive at around 02:30 on the 13th January. Stay vigilant around vehicle security (not leaving anything in them, ensure they are locked, use steering locks and RFID wallets if keyless). If you have any good footage of the male, please pass it on to us. 

There have been a couple of reports regarding suspicious vans in the area taking scrap metal from skips. The incidents have occurred on Begonia Close (11/01/2021 08:15) involving a white van and Grange Drive (11/01/2022 12:00) involving a blue van. We have some information around this and they are currently under investigation. It is theft to take items from a skip without the owner’s permission. It could also be classed as trespass if the skip is on someone’s property.

Our local priorities are in response to the feedback we get from our Neighbourhood link surveys, provided by you. The more people completing them, the better picture we get of what residents would like us to address and any positive things you would like to say. You may automatically get a reminder to complete a surveys monthly if you requested to fill in surveys. You can use the links below to complete surveys. Drop me a message if you would like to fill in surveys going forward and I will change the setting for you. (Your views matter) (Anti-social behaviour) (Road safety)

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