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Please see the monthly Newsletter attached from Burbage Police. This includes our priorities which have been determined by the residents of Burbage. You can contribute to this by completing a short survey via this link https://www.neighbourhoodalert.co.uk/6DB0ED60-9448-4FE2-AC44-1CE639222AEF/QuickRegister

Your priorities this month were Vehicle Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and Road Safety Issues. You can see what we did in response to these concerns on the Newsletter.

Grove Road park Assault. The Incident happened on 03/06/2021 at around 16:45 on Grove Road Park. This incident is under investigation. If you witnessed the incident or have any information around the people involved, please get in touch. We are currently working to identify those involved. The crime number is 21*306793.

Betty Boop and Key found on Grove Park Play Area on Sunday 30th May. Please message me if this is yours and you know what else is on the set of keys.

Scam sent in by a Burbage resident

“I thought I should tell you that I was almost the victim of another scam yesterday.
I received a call purporting to be from Amazon about payment for my Prime membership. Stupidly I pressed 2 to ask about the payment of £79.99 because I usually pay monthly directly from the account I have with them. I was told that I now needed to go on to my computer to pay an annual fee instead.
I agreed to do this but when I entered the details on my computer it came up with the wrong amount so I was told that I needed to pay some back.
Thankfully my bank refused the payment 3 times as did my credit card company. At this point alarm bells started to ring in my head and I told him that I would need to go to the bank on Monday morning.
He said he would ring me on Monday afternoon and gave me his name and ID.
Almost immediately after I had logged off, my credit card company rang me and we cancelled the amounts and they are sending me a new card.
I then rang Amazon to check with them and they told me that it was indeed a scam.
I rang my bank and spoke to the Fraud department and they have also cancelled my Debit card and will send me a new one.
Hopefully you will be able to warn other people and prevent it happening to them.”

Bank Text Scam from resident

“Just thought I’d make you aware of a scam text I received last night as I’ve not been aware of one such as this before.
The text purported to be from my bank (named correctly) informing me that a recipient had been added to my list and if I did not add it, to deregister it via the given link. I was taken aback for a few seconds but then immediately suspicious as my bank sends me an OTP when setting up things like this and I had not received one. The link took me to a suspicious website so I closed it immediately. Using a different device I then logged into my account to check all was well and then changed my login PIN. I checked with the bank today and they confirmed no texts had been sent so my mind is now at rest. How the scammers knew who I banked with I have no idea but thought it may be good to bring it to other’s attention.”

Remember to visit ActionFraud for more information and advice https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Bullying. There are several reports around bullying issues. If you need support with this, the following link is worth a read. https://youngminds.org.uk/ . We work with local Schools and offer support, challenge and deal with these reports. It is often crucial that parents support with this as they often do. Circumstances have been difficult for many of all ages over the last year so experiencing bullying is something that none of us want to have to go through, especially at the moment. If you are a parent/grandparent of a child either the victim or the suspect, please do what you can to support victims and stop the bullies.

Thank you and take care.

Darren 6035

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Updated: 05/06/2021 by Darren Stretton (Police, PCSO 6035, Hinckley and Blaby NPA, Burbage)